(B.C.C.O. stands for “Bevordering Communicatie Controversiële Onderwerpen”, which is Dutch for “Encouragement Communication Controversial Subjects”)

“When the talking stops, that’s usually where the shooting starts…”

Welcome to the website of the B.C.C.O. Foundation!

Who we are and what we do

The B.C.C.O. Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of supporting and encouraging in the widest sense, but strictly within the boundaries of the Netherlands legislation, the free and open communication on subjects considered controversial by the society of today, an open and free communication more often than not seriously hampered and/or compromised by emotions and/or prejudice.

The aforementioned support and encouragement can among other things consist of the making available of a platform on the internet, financial support, technical support, general council and/or help in finding more specialized support.

Do we agree with the views of the initiatives we support?

We consider that a non-issue. Our views on whatever matter are of no consequence regarding our decision to support or not support a given initiative.

We are of the opinion that all subjects, meaning ALL subjects, can and should be open for discussion. Whether or not we personally agree or disagree with a given opinion on a subject does not enter into it, we only facilitate the communication on those subjects.
This could well mean that we personally do not agree with a given initiative, but that we still consider the possibility to nevertheless discuss that subject of the all highest importance, since – as our motto already stated – history has taught us that when certain issues are (can) no longer (be) discussed, the violence usually begins. The world outside today demonstrates that very clearly and it is something we categorically refuse to accept.

From the above it can be concluded the B.C.C.O. Foundation has no problems with simultaneously supporting diametrically opposed initiatives. Wanting to and to be able to hear and discuss both sides of a story is one of our most important principles!


The B.C.C.O. Foundation does not accept any and all responsibility for the contents of the initiatives it facilitates, that responsibility rests fully and totally with that initiative.

We clearly demand from all initiatives we facilitate, in whatever way, full compliance with the laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. If and when an initiative oversteps the boundaries of these laws, the B.C.C.O. Foundation will not hesitate to take appropriate actions, which may well lead to a final and irrevocable end of the facilitation of that initiative.

However, such an overstepping of the legal boundaries by an initiative supported by the B.C.C.O. Foundation must be clearly and without a shadow of a doubt demonstrated by factual proof before we will take the appropriate action. The B.C.C.O. Foundation will seek the legal opinion of lawyers and/or law enforcement before taking a position on an issue.

Background philosophy

As we have stated in our goal the current times see a growing tendency – more specifically from a far-reaching manipulation by mass-media for reasons of ratings and profit – to condone the suppression, sometimes in ways bordering on or already on the paths of illegality, of free and open communication on subjects considered inappropriate by “the people”.
However open and free communication is not illegal by any standards, other than those in dictatorships, and we are of the opinion that open and free communication must be encouraged at all times and at all costs.
When a subject is open (or stays open) for communication, the problems arising out of or inherent to that subject are still solvable, even if a subject goes against the “opinion of the people”, a terminology introduced in the ‘30s and ‘40s of the last century by the fascist/national-socialist parties and meant to make it possible for a “People’s Court” to heavily condemn facts, communications and/or opinions, considered inappropriate by “the people”, that would never be condemned or even tried under the existing legislation.

We are concerned to see similar tendencies grow in today’s society and are of the opinion it should be fought. Millions of people have died to guarantee our society the right and possibility to freely and openly express its thoughts and it simply cannot be that these millions have died in vain and most certainly not because you happen to disagree with something at a given time and walking the legal way to oppose something seems to take too long and fraught with too much frustration.

But remember that the law that may seem to frustrate you on the other hand also protects you!

Think carefully, do not be a victim of manipulation as all those people have been so many years ago! When you condone or encourage the execution of someone you disagree with, you will find out that on some black day in the future you, your children, your family, your friends may be executed because others disagree with you! And you will only have yourself to blame for it.

Complaints in the nature of:

will not be reacted upon. If you do not agree with an initiative we facilitate, contact the initiative, start a dialogue based on sound knowledge of the subject and with respect for each others views and integrity and try to understand each other. We will support and help everyone that wants to walk that road.

We are here for you, too!


The B.C.C.O. Foundation is dependent on donations and gifts from the community. Do you believe we are pursuing a worthwhile cause and do you wish to support us in that, we would be most grateful for your donation! Donations can be transferred to our bank account

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